Norwood Lake Residents Left High And Dry

Norwood Lake Residents Left High And Dry

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They're working as fast as they can, but not fast enough for those who enjoy Norwood Lake. Water was lowered in September for dam repairs. It left more than a dozen boats stranded in mud.

“I got very little warning as to the lowering, so there were some headaches for people that had boats out here,” said 
Tim Levison, Norwood mayor and president Norwood Lake Association.

Most boats are now out. It also cut rowing and fishing seasons short. Now the dam's owner has pushed the repair completion date back a month and says it must lower the water three feet more.

“We are scheduled to complete the work mid-to-end of December. But you know weather conditions and any unforeseen circumstances may change the date,” said Julie Pelletier, Brookfield Renewable spokeswoman: 

Brookfield Renewable thought it had this problem licked with repairs made last year. But that turned out not to be the case.

The problem they're fixing is at the bottom of the dam. It has basically sprung some leaks. Brookfield Renewable says there is no danger to residents.

“It hasn't affected the integrity of the dam and it is in stable condition. And we do have dam safety engineers that monitor the situation.” said Pelletier.

Workers at the dam now are preparing it for the actual repair work. They have been building a work platform across the top and repairs should begin shortly. 

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