Lions Auctioned Off, New Owner Says They'll Stay in Watertown

Lions Auctioned Off, New Owner Says They'll Stay in Watertown

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The historic lions from Square Lion in Watertown were auctioned off Saturday morning and will stay in Watertown. 

As a longtime antique shop on Public Square closes its doors, it's centerpiece items sold for $15,000. 

The lions were auctioned off as well as everything else in the store.

The high bidder and now owner of the lions is Samuel Thomas, a Watertown man didn't want the city to lose a piece of its history.

"Just very pleased that they are staying here in the city," said Thomas. "They need to be here our city. We've lost many of our cultural resources, our historic buildings, as you know, through the past several decades and this is a piece of our history that needs to stay."

 "Money is great, I'm glad they sold so I don't have to take them home, but staying in Watertown was the most important thing to me," said Merritt Reynolds, , owner of Square Lion.

The auctioneer from Brzostek Auction Services said the over 600 pound lions have been in Watertown since 1857.

Thomas said he hasn't decided where in the city the lions will go.

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