What To Do About That Watertown Fence & The City Code

What To Do About That Watertown Fence & The City Code

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Watertown officials are trying to find a solution to concerns related to a fence built by Franklin Street resident Brett Belfield.

"In a perfect world, we would love to find something that would make everybody happy," said Watertown City Manager Rick Finn.

The city says the fence doesn't follow code and Belfield would have to move his fence back five feet. Officials say it's due to safety and visibility reasons.

But Belfield has an idea that doesn't require him uprooting the whole fence.

"Why not just 45 the corner and give you that extra visibility," he said.

Basically, one bottom corner of the fence would be chopped off, leaving more open viewing space at the end of the driveway.

"As you're backing out, you've got the extra room right there where you can see the sidewalk. You can see coming back, but you can also keep a fence," said Belfield. 

Finn says the city is looking into this option, along with others. Depending on what's decided, the city code could change. Belfield says the current code is confusing.

"Our goal would basically be to give council a couple of different ideas of what might work and what the values are of each one. What may be the disadvantages? We're looking at safety versus the needs of the homeowner," said Finn.

City council members plan to further discuss their options at their work session in January.

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