Moore Sentenced In Tyler Johnson Murder

Moore Sentenced In Tyler Johnson Murder

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Another of Tyler Johnson's killers has been sentenced.

Shawn Moore Jr. was sentenced in Jefferson County Court Tuesday morning to 15 years to life for his role in Johnson's death last year.

Moore pleaded guilty in October to second-degree murder.

Moore was not in the house when Johnson was shot and killed, but was involved in planning the robbery that lead to his death. He was described as the getaway driver in the robbery gone wrong. They were attempting to rob Johnson of cash and drugs.

Johnson, 20, was shot to death in his Town of Pamelia home in May 2017.

In court, Moore addressed Johnson's family, saying he was sorry and that he hoped they could forgive him, not for his own sake, but so that the family could find peace.

Moore's lawyer, Adam Matteson, says the sentence was the best he would get.

"Given what the charges were and what the district attorney was offering, this was the best he was gonna get as far as a plea bargain," Matteson said.

Jefferson County District Attorney Kristyna Mills said the sentence is appropriate.

Johnson's stepmother spoke in court as well, saying Moore deserved more than the 15-year minimum sentence.

Four of the five suspects in the case have pleaded guilty and the fifth was found guilty in a trial earlier this year.

Two people remain to be sentenced. Taylor Beckstead's sentencing is scheduled for Wednesday. She pleaded guilty in October to first-degree burglary and faces a 15-year prison sentence.

Sammy Brown was found guilty of murder, conspiracy, and eight other charges. He was sentenced to 24 years to life in prison.

Devin Davis was also charged with murder, but pleaded guilty to armed robbery in exchange for testimony against his four fellow defendants. He will serve 18 years in prison under the terms of a plea agreement. He'll be formally sentenced next month.

Jamaal Carr pleaded guilty in August to second-degree murder. He was sentenced in October to 15 years to life.

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