Students Give Back To School Bus Driver

Students Give Back To School Bus Driver

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Denny Gebo gives kids more than just a ride to school. He gives them a friendly hello, some humor, conversation and cool tunes.

“You can tell that he cares about us and he's not just here for a job. Like, he likes working with kids. I can tell that,” said 
Kyra Villnave, Lisbon High senior. 

“Funny guy. Best bus driver out there definitely. He just makes the ride fun. He's groovy...He's just a great guy all around,” said Connor Ramsey, Lisbon High junior.

But just after Thanksgiving, students on the Lisbon-to-BOCES run decided it was time to give back. Gebo had told them he might miss a few days. His mother was in the hospital for heart surgery. Things weren't going well.

“You know, when it's…the tunnel is dark and there's no one there and someone just lends a hand. It helps the journey, like, become shorter,” said Ramsey.

But students went beyond just kind words. They formed a plot. Seniors got together gift baskets, including a blanket for his mom.

“He was happy. He thanked me for, like, three days,” said Kyra Villnave, Lisbon High senior.

Juniors pitched in with a card. It had inspirational messages to help Denny hang in there as his mom struggled. Gebo said the card and gift basket meant a lot to him. But they also meant a lot to his mom.

"She was beaming. She was pretty excited because she said, 'I don't even know those kids,'” said Gebo.

We often think about how teachers influence our kids. But others do as well and that includes bus drivers.

The school has started a Positivity Projects it's proud of. But everyone admits Gebo is like a one-man positivity project and it's spreading. 

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