Don't Be Startled - Crow Hazing Tonight & Tomorrow

Don't Be Startled - Crow Hazing Tonight & Tomorrow

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Specialists will be at work the next couple of nights trying to shoo crows away from Watertown neighborhoods.

Wildlife biologists from Loomacres Wildlife Management will be harassing crow flocks during the evening hours of Wednesday, January 2 and Thursday, January 3.

The experts use loud noises and flashing lights from pyrotechnics, lasers, air rifles, and other devices to scare the crows.

City residents could also be startled. Loomacres apologizes ahead of time for any inconvenience.

Loomacres has been hired by the city for the past several years to try to limit the the crows' impact on public and private property.

The biologists rely on the public to let them know where flocks are located and how many crows are in them.

Call 1-800-243-1462, extension 1 to report crow activities. You can also go to

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