Should Ogdensburg and Massena Airports Consolidate?

Should Ogdensburg and Massena Airports Consolidate?

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Should Massena and Ogdensburg combine forces when it comes to airports? That's a question Massena mayor Timmy Currier is asking.

“With the limited resources we have in the North Country, does it make sense for us to be competing in some manner with the community that's 30 miles away? And I think they have ask the same question too,” Currier tells 7News.

Not everyone shares Currier's opinion. That includes officials in the Town of Massena, which owns the airport.

Massena Town Councilman Sam Carbone says,“Massena with its infrastructure and its buildings, instrument landing system, the hangars. Ogdensburg with its new addition to the runway, millions of dollars there. It really doesn't make sense to shut one or the other down.”

Both airports are setting passenger records. But both sometimes need subsidies. Carbone and Currier agree airports help the economy. But Currier says consolidation could yield even greater benefits.

“It's time to have some honest discussion,” Currier says. “And it's time to say, 'Can we do it better?' And if we can do it better, we should pursue that.”

Decisions on airport consolidations aren't just left up to municipalities. The Federal Aviation Administration also plays a big roll. That's because the FAA has paid for the bulk of improvements you see at most small airports.

That includes those at Ogdensburg and Massena. So they're not consolidating tomorrow. But in the future? Currier thinks it's an idea worth looking into.

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