Lightfoot Talks Second Stint As SLC Chairman

Lightfoot Talks Second Stint As SLC Chairman

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For the past few years Joseph Lightfoot has sat at the desk with our legislator at county meetings. But now he'll be back running the meetings as St. Lawrence County's chairman of the board, a position he held four years ago. He said the mission remains the same.

“Really staying on the road that we started out on in 2015. The financial road. It's the smartest thing to do," Lightfoot said.

The county has dramatically improved its finances. He wants that to continue. The true value tax rate has been cut. He wants that to continue. There have been cuts in programs, but targeted ones.

“We've not cut willy-nilly, you know, across the board or anything like that," Lightfoot said.

Republicans first captured control of this legislative chamber four years ago. But as a result of the November election, their majority is now narrower.

Lightfoot knows it can be difficult to get everyone pulling in the same direction. He also knows everyone wants to get involved - Republicans and Democrats.

“They didn't run for that office and invest all that time and energy in the election process to just sit there and be wallflowers," Lightfoot said.

A decision has to be made on what to do with the empty county jail. Lightfoot said seizing and cleaning up dilapidated properties will continue. And roads and bridges will continue to be a priority.

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