20 Days Into Shutdown, Here's Who's 'Not Expecting To Be Paid'

20 Days Into Shutdown, Here's Who's 'Not Expecting To Be Paid'

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With government officials still at odds over President Trump's border security demands, the partial government shutdown continues. And it's affecting workers right here in the north country.

In this region, there are three Coast Guard units, with 64 uniformed members and one civilian employee. Civilian workers are furloughed, but uniformed members of the military are still reporting to work.

"We're normally paid twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th. We did receive our paycheck on the 1st," said Brian McCrum, petty officer with Coast Guard District 9. "Unless they come to a resolution before the 15th, we are not expecting to be paid."

As for Customs and Border Protection - administrative workers are furloughed, while those who deal with law enforcement are working with no pay.

However - it's not just individuals workers who are affected. It's organizations that rely on federal funding too.

Michael Robare, the executive director for the Watertown Housing Authority, said the group gets subsidized funding through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

"The operating subsidy allows us to offset our rents, to allow us to charge our tenants lower rents and the federal government subsidizes that," Robare said.

Robare added that funding is set for January and February, but if the shutdown goes past then, the Watertown Housing Authority will have to find another way to offset costs.

He said another impact is a lack of communication with HUD, since workers aren't there.

"I went into the system and lo and behold, the system wasn't up to date because of the government shutdown," Robare said. "So, we just have to wait for those updates and for the government employees to go back to work, and then obviously continue with our reporting requirements."

Robare said his group does have enough money to keep afloat and is confident the shutdown won't last too much longer.

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