Lowville Digs Out

Lowville Digs Out

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Village of Lowville's streets were largely cleared early Friday afternoon, but what remained slowed the pace down.

"I'm late for work because of the snow," said Michael Fowler, Lowville resident. 

Local business owners cleared off the last of the snow - tossing it into the enormous snowbanks that lined the roads. Residents did the same.

"I've actually got to the point where I was beyond cleaning and there's nothing I can do about it, so I have been walking to work for three days," said Fowler.

However, some teenagers finished their shoveling and were getting around town just fine.

"We used a tractor for the snow. Our driveway is so long, there really is no other way," said Mason Anderson, Lowville resident. 

"I think it's a lot easier to plow. Shoveling is hard on the old arms, but we get through it, we're the north country, right," said SOT Garrett Jones, Lowville resident.

And with that, Lowville is one storm closer to spring. 

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