Your Turn: Feedback On I-81 Ban, Seatbelts & Sidewalks

Your Turn: Feedback On I-81 Ban, Seatbelts & Sidewalks

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Last Wednesday, Governor Cuomo banned tractor trailers from Interstate 81 in Jefferson County due to the snow storm. The county asked the state to re-evaluate it after big rigs got stuck on Route 11. The state lifted the ban Friday afternoon, but angry truckers said I-81 was clear of snow long before that:

Cuomo needs to stop dictating everything and let the local authorities decide.

Kim LaDue

The ban should have been on small vehicles; let them maneuver the secondary roads.

Robin Gibbs Stephenson 

Not the governor's fault truck drivers are stupid enough or desperate enough to make money to risk their and other people's lives.

Linda Axel 

Should wearing a seatbelt while riding a school bus be mandatory? Governor Cuomo thinks so:

Seatbelts keep kids in seats, keeping the driver focused on the road, and protect them if the bus crashes or flips.

Katie Taylor

My daughter was the ONLY child hurt on a school bus and the only one wearing a seatbelt when the driver spiked the brakes. She ended up with bruised kidneys.

Pamela Parton

All Watertown property owners are required to keep sidewalks on their property clear from snow within a reasonable amount of time of a snowstorm. If it's not done, the Bureau of Code Enforcement sends out letters telling the owner they have 48 hours to clean up their sidewalk:

Please enforce this...I saw too many people walking in the road...and not enough cars noticing them as they sped by.

Kane Edward Grant

The city owns the side walks. They should clean them.

Cindy Lou Gordon 

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