How To Keep Your Car From Being Towed In Watertown

How To Keep Your Car From Being Towed In Watertown

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Several cars were towed in the city of Watertown Thursday night for violating a rule they may not have been aware of.

Detective Lieutenant Joe Donoghue of the Watertown City Police went through the tickets issued to seven cars that were parked overnight in Watertown Thursday. It's illegal to park on the city streets from 2 to 6 in the morning from the beginning of November through the end of April.

"Well, it was done in reference to aid the city plows and sanders to be able to go out and to make the roads safe by clearing snow," said Donoghue.

The streets and sewer supervisor for Watertown's Department of Public Works agrees that leaving your car overnight on the city's streets can be hazardous to plow drivers who have to deal with blind spots and compact streets.

"It is our goal to keep the streets cleared and safe. When city residents are parked on the city streets, that makes our job a little harder," said David Demars, DPW street and sewer supervisor.

Six of the seven cars slapped with the $30 ticket were towed so plow drivers can work in winter weather.

Donoghue says that although most officers don't enjoy ticketing and towing cars like the ones, Thursday it's just part of the job.

"There are times when we will have phone calls from neighbors - neighbors will actually call up and say, 'Hey, this car is parked out in the street.' They will ask for an officer to ticket it, which will be done and then there's other times when the DPW is out with their sanders and their plows they will notify our department that they can't get down the street and then officers will respond," said Donoghue.

If you need to park overnight in the city of Watertown, there are eight public parking lots, including a lot in the J.B. Wise parking lot near Public Square, the Court Street parking lot near the old Globe mini mall building and another behind the Jefferson County Historical Society.

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