Hospital Uses Movement To Manage Pain

Hospital Uses Movement To Manage Pain

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A couple of years ago, Colleen Moser of Copenhagen started feeling pain that started in her back and traveled down her legs.

"Eventually it just got worse to the point where I was in a lot of pain and couldn't stand up straight or anything," she said.

She and her doctor couldn't figure out how to fix it until Moser talked with Darcy Zehr, a physical therapist at Lewis County General Hospital and learned about the McKenzie Method.

"It's utilizing repeated movements that's going to help patients decrease their pain," said Zehr.

Zehr says she works with patients to find the movements that work best for them. A simple concept, but one that drastically improved Moser's well being.

"I was able to start standing up straighter and the pain lessened over time and I regained a lot more movement. Eventually, the pain did go away," said Moser.

A good thing for patients is that these movements typically don't require equipment and can be done in their homes after their sessions are over.

"If they're having pain in the future, they don't necessarily need to come back to therapy. They might remember, 'This is what I did,'" said Zehr.

Finding a fix to managing pain, one movement at a time. 

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