Your Turn: Feedback On Cigarettes, Meth Arrests & SAFE Act

Your Turn: Feedback On Cigarettes, Meth Arrests & SAFE Act

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A bill to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes to 21 has passed the state assembly. Two assemblymen from our area were among those voting no. We asked what you think:

We allow them to enlist in the Army...We allow them to vote. We allow them to marry. But they can't smoke. Are they adults, or children? We have to pick one and stick with it.

Chris McRoberts

Kids start smoking when they are 11 or 12 so what’s this going to do? 

Steven Barker

Good! Raise it to 21 and raise the age to serve in the military to 21 as well.

Kay Beth

For the second time in eight days an Ogdensburg pair is arrested on meth making charges at a Montgomery Street house:

Sooooo why exactly were they released the first time? C'mon!

Chrissy Gebo

It's time to keep the public safe, and keep the users safe from themselves by putting them in jail and leaving them there.

Gina Hurteau Shoen

St. Lawrence County’s district attorney says because the section of Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act limiting the number of rounds in a magazine to seven has been deemed unconstitutional, he will not enforce it:

Finally some people are using the Constitution and common sense.

Bryan Rose

He can't enforce a law deemed unconstitutional by the courts, so, what's the point of this?

Ivan Matthis

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