Captain Marvel - Film Review - by Guest Reviewer

Captain Marvel - Film Review - by Guest Reviewer

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Alex Eddy is our go to person when it comes to Superhero movies, he knows everything about them—so I deferred to him for his take on Captain Marvel.

I saw Captain Marvel on Sunday. Overall an enjoyable film that felt like a phase on /two film. Not top tier but enjoyable. The hate this movie is getting is unwarranted. It's a lot of fun and Goose the cat steals the show every scene he/she is in. There were some issues with pacing, some editing and with Brie Larson’s performance oh and he writing is kind of messy.

The directors are mainly indie film directors and it shows in how the movie is framed up. Which isn't bad per say, but if you are going in expecting Ryan Cooglar or Russo Brothers style of clean directing then you’re in the wrong movie. The strength is in small moments like the banter between Nick Fury and Carrel, which are great. I just wish the line delivery and writing was more consistent-onto that in a minute.

The things I am nitpicking will not sour your overall enjoyment of the film. It is an empowering movie that young woman and girls should go see. But I feel Carol Danvers didn't have a super great arc in the film. She already was kicking ass when the film begins. So having her weak and getting beaten only to get back up doesn't really come off well in the film. If anything Ben Mendelsohn's Talos is a better by far fictional character arc. He is such an underrated actor.

The relationship with Jude Law's character Yon Rogg was pretty well developed and hopefully we will see more of it in the future installments as flash backs to when she first started as a StarForce cadet.

The other supporting characters in the StarForce are also underdeveloped and not used to their full potential in the film; like some were in Guardians of the Galaxy with the ravagers.

Something hopefully will be explored and corrected in the next outing.

People who are interested in seeing Avengers: Endgame may need to see this movie. To make their own judgement on what Captain marvel can bring to the table. People who love the marvel galactic stuff will get a lot more out of this, myself included.  There's a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy references and more backstory on the Kree history.

It's like one part X-files episode, one part marvel origin story and one part Marvel Galactic world building film from the 90's, all rolled into one.

So basically go see it if you're into these movies, but go in with moderate expectations.

It's no Wonder Woman, in terms of character building for a female lead.

But overall I enjoyed the plot more than the terrible plot and third act in Wonder woman.

Go see it and enjoy it with your kids, especially if you have a daughter.

NOTE: The dedication to Stan lee had some people, including me, getting misty eyed.

Going to miss you Stan.


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