Walters Trial Afternoon Update: First Witnesses

Walters Trial Afternoon Update: First Witnesses

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There was compelling testimony Tuesday, the first day of the Justin Walters murder trial in Jefferson County Court.

Walters is accused of shooting and killing his wife, Nichole Walters, and the state trooper who responded to the domestic violence call, Joel Davis. Another person, Rebecca Finkle, was also shot, but survived to share her harrowing ordeal. She was the first witness to take the stand.

Back in July 2017 Rebecca Finkle lived in the town of Theresa in a shed on property belonging to Justin and Nichole Walters. Her testimony about the day of the shooting was riveting, emotional and graphic.

Finkle testified that Justin and Nichole got into an argument a short time before she heard shooting and at one point heard Justin tell Nichole - quote- "I'll show you psychotic."

She testified that she was inside the Walters' shed with two children when bullets started coming through the wall. She said she shielded herself and the children as best she could, grabbed her phone, and called 911.

When that call was played in court, Finkle became so overcome by emotion that the court took a short recess.

When testimony resumed, Finkle told the court that Walters ordered her at gunpoint to "get on her hands and knees" and leave the shed to look at Nichole's body. Finkle then described a horrific scene - her friend with multiple gun shots to her face and torso. "There was blood everywhere," she told the court.

She then testified that Walters ordered her to move Nichole's body. As she dragged her friend's body, Finkle told the court she heard more gun shots and Justin saying, "I'm done."

The additional gunfire presumably killed Trooper Joel Davis.

Later on that evening, Finkle felt a pain in her side and learned she had been shot. A bullet was removed from her side. She also learned her dog had been shot and killed.

A neighbor of Walters testified Tuesday afternoon about what he saw the day of the shootings. He told the court he saw Walters shooting a gun towards his house, Finkle dragging something and witnessed a police officer being shot in Walters' driveway. Members of Trooper Davis' family were in the courtroom as were Walters mother and step-father.

(7 News Photo: Rebecca Finkle leaving court)

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