Testimony: Walters Claimed He 'Was Just Trying To Scare' Trooper

Testimony: Walters Claimed He 'Was Just Trying To Scare' Trooper During Shooting

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Jurors in the Justin Walters murder trial heard from a state trooper Wednesday morning, a trooper who arrived on the scene shortly after Walters fatally shot his wife, Nichole, and state Trooper Joel Davis.

Walters is standing trial in Jefferson County Court for the July 2017 murder of both people at the Walters home in Theresa. A nine-man, three-woman jury is hearing the case at the county courthouse in Watertown.

There's no question Walters shot both people; his lawyer is arguing Walters is not responsible for his actions because of "mental disease or defect," what's popularly known as the insanity defense.

Trooper Christopher Wyant testified Wednesday morning.

Wyant recalled for the jury how he tried to reach Davis on his police radio, couldn't and thought it unusual.

Once on scene, Wyant said he saw Walters, arms outstretched, saying "I'm done, I'm done."

Wyant recalled Walters saying to him "What's wrong with your friend?" To which Wyant replied, "You killed him."

Walters responded "He's right there," gesturing to another state trooper who had arrived on scene.

When Wyant pointed out Davis, Walters responded "Oh, I was just trying to scare him."

Wyant said Walters was calm, laughing, and seemed to be joking throughout the exchange. 

He also said troopers found bullet holes in the living room of the Walters house, shell casings in the living room and garden area, and a rifle on the kitchen floor.

Also testifying Wednesday was Investigator Ryan Waite, who was a uniformed trooper in 2017 and arrived on-scene after Wyant.

Waite said, “The defendant looked at me with a smirk on his face and said, 'Sorry about your friend.'”

Two paramedics who responded to the scene testified about performing life saving measures on Davis such as CPR and intubation.

A sheriff’s deputy, who also responded to the scene, testified that he watched Justin Walters while the troopers cleared the buildings. 

He said Walters asked him five or six times if the officer (Davis) was okay, said there was a homeless family living in the shed and asked if the deputy could get the mosquitoes off his arm. 

Jurors also heard from Trooper Heath Rupert, who read Walters his Miranda rights. Rupert said Walters claimed police had shot at him first, but that doesn't line up with any other testimony, including that of Trooper Wyant. 

Wyant told jurors Trooper Davis' weapons were fully loaded when he collected them.

All the troopers who testified Wednesday said Walters showed no sign of intoxication. Defense lawyer Ed Narrow asked if they performed any field sobriety tests on Walters. They said they did not do any tests.

Several witnesses took the stand Tuesday, including Rebecca Finkle, who lived on the Walters' property and was there the night Nichole Walters and Davis were killed.

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