Watertown Replacing CitiBus Fleet

Watertown Replacing CitiBus Fleet

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Out with the old, and in with the new. Watertown CitiBus is replacing its current fleet of buses from 2002 with four brand new ones.

"The older buses are at the end of their life cycle. The maintenance costs were quite high and it's time to replace them," said Patrick Keenan, superintendent of Watertown's Department of Public Works. 

The largest of the four buses will be used for the Arsenal Street run. Keenan says the bus holds 33 people and and two wheelchairs. All the new buses are fully handicap accessible and have a ramp instead of a lift.

"They should speed the loading process for people with scooters or wheel chairs  get on and off easier,"  said Keenan.

Keenan also says the buses have an updated fare system.

"We will be able to accept different types of of media versus just cash which was the old setup. We be able to use fair cards," said Keenan.

Keenan says the new buses should be hitting the road in mid-April after inspections, driver training, and the city bus logo is put on. 

"The new buses obliviously will be much more reliable - a little better ride for the customers, a little bit easier to get around than the old buses,"  said Keenan.

As for the old buses, they will be sold at an auction.

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