Nichole Walters Talked About Divorce, Text Messages Show

Nichole Walters Talked About Divorce, Text Messages Show

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Nichole Walters talked about divorcing Justin Walters as the couple was going through marital problems because of his drinking.

Justin Walters is on trial in Jefferson County Court for murder and dozens of other charges.

He's accused of shooting and killing Nichole, who was his wife, and Joel Davis, who was the first state trooper to arrive on the scene after a report of shots being fired at the Walters' Theresa-area property in July 2017.

In day 4 of trial testimony, jurors heard from Investigator Nathan Baker with the New York State Police. He forensically investigated Justin Walters' phone.

Baker read aloud several messages between Nichole and Justin from the months leading up to her murder. Those messages laid out marital problems between the Walters.

In messages, Nichole told Justin she would be sleeping in another room.

She told him, “I'm done, done with the problems. I can't do this anymore. I'm done with the drinking." 

In messages, she also wrote to him, "I'm done being anxious about what you may do next.” She told him she no longer feels safe, only fear.

In many of the messages, she expressed frustration with Justin's drinking habits. Three days before the killings, Nichole wrote to Justin, “You're drinking way too much" and "you're getting out of control at night." 

In a recorded interview with police, Walters told them he averaged 18 beers a day. Walters' defense lawyer Ed Narrow has said he suffered from alcoholism.

In May, Nichole told him “I expect change right away or I want a divorce.”

She said she was done letting their 3 year-old son, Axel, see Justin's behavior.

She also indicated in a few messages that Justin would point a gun at her.

Walters said in a message that he blacked out, he couldn't have the kids around because they were too much of a trigger and that he drank to calm his brain. He wrote the "mountains" were the last time he had real purpose. Walters, a staff sergeant in the Army, had been deployed to Afghanistan.

In July, just 3 days before the killings, messages indicated Justin had been staying in the barracks on Fort Drum.

Jurors also heard from State Police Investigator Michael Kosakowski, who testified police collected 64 gun shell casings in total at the scene. He identified dozens of pieces of evidence including 2 assault rifles and a lot of ammunition.

One interesting piece of evidence Kosakowski testified about was a box that was found in the master bedroom. It contained satanic and Nazi paraphernalia. 

Trooper Joel Davis was the first officer on scene responding to a domestic call at the Walters house, when he was killed after being shot once in the heart.

Nichole Walter's friend Rebecca Finkle who was living on the Walter's property was also shot once in the back, but she recovered from her injuries.

Both victims' families as well as friends have attended each day of the trial. Justin Walter's family has also come in from Michigan to attend the trial.

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