Thousand Islands Students Heading To Lego League World Champs

Thousand Islands Students Heading To Lego League World Champs

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It's a robot made from Legos, and in just a few weeks the Heritage Hi-Techs, will be taking it all the way from the Thousand Islands to Detroit, Michigan.

The team of four received a bid to compete in the First Lego League World Championships.

"It's kind of nerve racking. Just because we want to do our best and at the same time we just want to meet everyone and see all the different parts about it," said participant Robert Howard.

"I'm really excited. I think it's going to be awesome to get to meet new people and get to experience competing on a larger scale," enthused Emily Bernhardt.

Emily, Robert, Rhys, and Rebecca won the North Country Regional Championship in March, but they have been working on their robot designs since August with guidance from their coach.

To start off all the team gets is a programmable box. They have to build the robot piece by piece.

"All that stuff that's moving with the robot is their creation so they invented it, created and tried  it out until  they got it to work," stated the team's coach, Erich Leonard.

But getting these robots to work involves a lot of math and science.

"It's pretty difficult to program. There is a lot of trial and error," stated Rhys Jenis.

"We made some different programs that change rotations of the wheel to inches so you can input the inches and then the robot will go that far. We have ones that go backwards and ones that go at a certain angle or turn," said Rebecca Leonard.

But how will this Lego competition at the end of April work?

"They compete for two and a half minutes and the robot is out running autonomously on the field using the programming and the physical characteristics that they have built into the robot," explained Coach Erich Leonard.

The team earns points for completing missions and can change out gear between hitting each obstacle. Each team also get judged on their research project and Lego League values. One of those values is fun, something these four friends seem to have on and off the competition field.

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