Your Turn: Feedback On Cuomo's Raise, Mug Shots, Plastic Bags &

Your Turn: Feedback On Cuomo's Raise, Mug Shots, Plastic Bags & More

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Governor Cuomo is about to get a big raise, making him the highest paid governor in the nation.  We got more than 500 comments about that:

No one should be able to give themselves raises. The taxpayers should vote on this.

Tom Freeman

I’m a proud supporter of the governor... about we pay government officials the median income of their constituency.

Logan Infantine

She was fired from her teaching job for immoral conduct. Now Nancy Hay is suing the Gouverneur School District to get her job back:

She has every right to sue. And once it’s thrown out, sue her for the cost incurred by the district.

Warren Shelmidine

She’s banking on the hope that GHS will settle monetarily just to make it go away. 

John Utah

The state is banning the release of mugshots. Former police, journalists and at least 2 local sheriffs oppose this:

As much as I enjoy looking at the toothless crack heads and the smiling drunks, I guess they are innocent till proven guilty.

Sue Murray

This governor thinks more about prisoners than he does the law-abiding taxpayers.

Gayle Spriggs

Lawmakers have approved the elimination of single-use plastic bags. The ban takes effect next year:

The world functioned just fine...without plastic bags prior to the 1970s.

Brenda Maxson

I use them for disposing of cat litter...What am I supposed to do now?

Mark Morrison-LeMay

The state is requiring employers to give their workers up to three hours paid time off to vote:

This financial burden should not be placed on businesses and anyone can easily obtain an absentee ballot.

Kay Amo 

With people working multiple jobs, this is a very good thing.

Fitz Brash

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