Water Over Dam, Money In Bank For Watertown

Water Over Dam, Money In Bank For Watertown

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Water over the dam is money in the bank for the city of Watertown. How lucrative is the city's hydroelectric facility?

On Marble Street, the city has 3 turbines that spin as water rushes through the Black River. 

They are called faith, hope and charity. 

Watertown uses the power generated to light up 20 city buildings and then sells the leftover power to National Grid in an agreement that started in 1991 and runs out in 2029. 

Reinvesting in hydro power could become a hot-button issue in this fall's election.

Mayoral candidates are all ready squawking about how important this resource is as a revenue for Watertown, but exactly how much money are we talking about?

A recent report out of city hall indicates, last Friday morning, as all 3 turbines were spinning because of the recent spring run-off, Watertown was making $1,165 an hour, adding up to almost $28,000 a day.

A revenue stream is what the Black River is for the city of Watertown.

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