Fort Drum Takes Part In Live Fire Training

Fort Drum Takes Part In Live Fire Training

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Rockets were fired into the sky Tuesday on Fort Drum. It was part of a division level live fire training exercise called Operation Summit Strike.  

"What it is is an integration of different artillery systems onto a target with Army aviation as well," said Major General Walter Piatt, 10th Mountain Division commander.  

Hundreds of 10th Mountain Division soldiers teamed up with a small group of artillery soldiers out of Fort Bragg to fight a fictional enemy with superior fire power.  The out of town soldiers brought trucks capable of firing 12 rockets.

The MIMAR truck is essentially composed of two main parts; it has the truck chasse and also what we call the launcher module which is one the back of the truck and that is where the rocket pods are loaded onto and shot off," said Captain Michael Kim, 18TH Field Artillery Brigade. 

Those rockets clear the way for an Army air attack.

"The launcher can receive a place in a position ready to fire and shoot the rocket within two minutes," said Kim.

Cannons were also fired. This would also help disable weapons that would shoot helicopters down. A big part of this exercise is coordination so that the attack happens all at once.  

"We are piling it on the enemy all at one time. We are not piecemealing it or sequencing our combat power," said Piatt. "They are on time on target every time, so that way we are able to fly Army helicopters through the same air space that we are shooting artillery so we can get all weapon system  pointing at the enemy."

Large scale live fire exercises only take place about twice a year on Fort Drum. 

"For us it's big deal to put this all together and integrate it into one exercise and do it live.  We have got to be able to train with our feature weapons systems right here on Fort Drum so we can be prepared today but also relevant tomorrow," said Piatt.  

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