Neighborhood Uneasy After Discovery Of Severed Coyote Head

Neighborhood Uneasy After Discovery Of Severed Coyote Head

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On Thursday, a severed coyote head was left outside of John Brown's residence at Meadowbrook Apartments on the city's east side. While it has been removed, there's still a sense of uneasiness in the neighborhood.

"I thought it was pretty gross and upsetting. Whoever did it has something wrong with them," said Vicky LaVine, neighbor. 

It's now a case for the Watertown Police Department.

"They feel that this is being done intentionally, that they're being targeted for some sort of harassment," said Detective Lieutenant Joe Donoghue, Watertown Police Department. 

The coyote head was taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Department Thursday afternoon and sent to an Albany lab for rabies testing.

However, police are paying attention to the surveillance video.

Brown claims there was a time lapse in the tape. The Watertown Housing Authority says its cameras run 24/7 and automatically record any movement.

"The officers have had access to the video. Hopefully that will lead us to the person being responsible for leaving the head there," said Donoghue. 

While Brown is uncomfortable going on camera, he says he's concerned. When it comes to a person in the neighborhood who might have done this, he claims he's been targeted before.

Neighbors agree, thinking they might know who's responsible.

"He has done things like this before, if it was him. To even kill the other animals here, he put poison on my porch and on theirs. We called the cops then and everything," said LaVine.

Police aren't convinced the coyote head was left by someone living in the apartment complex, that it could have been a mistaken address - something the department will look into further.

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