Family Seeks Help For Baby With Medical Defect

Family Seeks Help For Baby With Medical Defect

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Benjamyn Hendrick was born with one finger bigger than the rest.

"Everybody said it just made him unique, but at that age it didn't look that noticeable," said his mother, Cortne Hendrick.

After months without a clear diagnosis from doctors, Cortne went to  a clinic in Burlington, Vermont.

There, she learned her nine month old son has a rare disease called congenital isolated macrodactyly.

"I was sent to Syracuse where I was denied. They told me it wasn't important enough. Finally, Burlington took us and that's where he was diagnosed within five minutes," she said.

The deformity is so uncommon, Hendrick says most doctors are unsure how to solve the problem.

None of the answers appear to be good ones: to ignore it; get the finger amputated or pursue several surgeries, which might not make much of a difference.

"I mean, you've seen the size of it and he's nine months old. Can you imagine what it's going to be like when he's 18," said Cortne.

In the coming weeks, Hendrick is scheduled to meet with a surgeon to find out how many surgeries might be needed and when to help prevent the finger from growing.

"If your kid has a finger that the pediatrician is saying is just unique, don't believe them. Do something about it because it took me nine months, but I finally got a diagnosis and the things that are connected to it could be life-threatening to my son,"  said Cortne.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up by the family. Part of the funds will be donated toward research, the rest will cover medical and travel expenses for the Hendricks.

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