Volunteers To Pick Up Where Massena's Curbside Pickup Leaves Off

Volunteers To Pick Up Where Massena's Curbside Pickup Leaves Off

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A landscaper has his Durango and trailer ready. A mother of three will use her Suburban. They will be in the first line of defense this year in Massena's spring cleanup.

“It's going to be a lot of work. But you know, in the end, it's going to be a good feeling to know that the community can count on people to help out when people need help,” said Dale Mangel, volunteer.

Village trucks won't do spring cleanup this year. It's when people get rid of appliances, couches and other stuff. Courtney Ritchie saw people expressing their plight on Facebook.

“The elderly were complaining because they couldn't get out and do it themselves, or they don't have vehicles. So I personally message them that if they needed help to let me know and I'd go help them,” she said.

The village is sending out vouchers to allow people to dump up to one-half ton of items free at the county transfer station. Village spring cleanup pickup was ended mainly because of piles of trash all over the village.

“The whole catalyst behind this was Massena was looking pretty bad, almost like a war zone, with all the products out at the same time during that one-month timeframe,” said Hassan Fayad, Massena superintendent of public works.

There is even a suspicion that items and trash were being dumped at the curb from outside Massena.

It will be Massena's first-ever 'do-it-yourself' spring cleanup. Local officials say they know there will be a learning curve.

Spring cleanup for the north half of the village will be April 22 to 27. For the south half, April 29 to May 4.

Here's a list of volunteers and their phone numbers:

Dale Mangel: 573-220-4126

Courtney Ritchie: 315-403-3478

Michael Gurrola: 315-296-2795 

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