North Country Enjoys The Taste Of Spring

North Country Enjoys The Taste Of Spring

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With the warmer temperatures and the sun shining, Steven Pitkin and his son set out for Chaumont to spend the day fishing.

"Oh, this is beautiful. We've been out here too when it's 30 degrees and raining and 20 mile per hour winds, so this is great," he said. 

They drove from Rome, New York, more than 90 minutes away, all because of bullheads, which they say taste better here.

"Yeah, we like them from here. Some of them from the other lakes taste muddy, but they seem to be good here," said Pitkin. 

While some spent the day out on the lake, others spent the day spring cleaning.

In Dexter, Bruce Kellar raked leaves and crab apples from the tree in his front yard.

"The sun is shining and they are predicting rain tonight and tomorrow morning, early. So to get started so I can stay caught up," he said.

And since it's spring break, instead of sitting in a classroom, sisters got to play outside on their scooters in Brownville.

"I love being outside because it's better than being inside and there is a lot to do inside but outside there can be more," said Riley Derouin. 

While enjoying their first ice cream cone of the season, the girls looked forward to what the warmer weather has in store.

"The wedding. My step-mom and dad are getting married and I am going to be a bridesmaid," said Jaiylee Adams. 

"And I am going to be a flower girl," said Madison Adams. 

Getting outside, shedding the winter blues, hoping the warmer weather is here to stay.

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