Reefer Retailers Open In Kingston, Ontario

Reefer Retailers Open In Kingston, Ontario

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Tucked in among hair salons, restaurants, and gift shops is a new kind of retailer - a budding business if you will. It's the first cannabis shop to open in Kingston.

"I just wanted to check it out, see what was happening and see what was available," said Mary Armstrong, Amherstview, Ontario resident. 

Last October, Canada legalized recreational marijuana, but it could only be bought online until April 1. That's when Spiritleaf opened its doors.

"Everybody's getting more knowledgeable about cannabis now that we're open. They can ask people that work here different questions they have about it," said Daniel Telio, Spiritleaf owner. 

Another shop, Brock Street Cannabis, opened a few days later. Telio says he expects the private retailers to be yet another reason to visit the city.

"I think the excitement is actually really buzzing right now and this summer is going to be really good for tourism," said Telio.

Not only is marijuana tourism expected in general, but the shop is even going to be a destination spot for tour groups.

"The building's always been a portion of our walking tour. It's so significant to Kingston's history and ties into our mercantile past. So, we always walk by it and now having this other unique story of this newest industry in Canada taking place right here. It's going to become even more of a centerpiece on the tour as a result,." said Brian LeClair, experience manager, Kingston Destination Group. 

Not your traditional corner shop, but one that's making history with THC. 

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