St. Lawrence County Lawmaker Under Fire Over Facebook Post

St. Lawrence County Lawmaker Under Fire Over Facebook Post

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A St. Lawrence County lawmaker is coming under fire for something she posted on her Facebook page.

In fact, some Democrats are calling for the resignation of Legislator Rita Curran, a Republican who represents Massena and the towns of Waddington and Louisville.

The Facebook post, which has since been removed, showed a picture of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. 
Above the image are the words, "Every time a Muslim stand (sic) up in Congress and tells us they are going to change the constitution, impeach our president, or vote for socialism, remember you swore you would never forget. They swore they would destroy us from within."

Leaders of the St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee wrote a letter condemning the post.

"This sort of fear mongering, xenophobic drivel published by Ms. Curran and her ilk have no place in a civilized society, and it has no place in St. Lawrence County," the letter reads.  

It goes on to say that Curran owes an apology to the people of St. Lawrence County and "all those Americans of the Muslim faith who live in fear everyday thanks to hate filled posts like this one."

It goes on to say Curran is unfit for public office.

"Ms. Curran should resign her post immediately, and if she does not remove herself, the St. Lawrence County Legislature should act swiftly to remove her from office. The absence of action by the County Legislature is validation of Ms. Curran’s hatred and is an indictment of every board member who failed to put an end to it," the letter reads.

7 News reached out to Curran for comment. She said she and Legislature Chairman Joseph Lightfoot, a Republican, would issue a statement later in the afternoon.

Lightfoot said Curran re-posted something she saw on Facebook and called the Democrats' demands "outrageous." 

"Who do these people think they are? They have no right to ask for something like this. She did nothing that would deserve her or warrant her being removed from office," said Lightfoot.

When asked if she removed the Facebook post, Curran said yes.

Lightfoot says he's personally against Curran resigning or being removed from office. However, he says the issue will be discussed at next Monday's legislature meeting.

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