Your Turn: Feedback On Church, Curran & Calls

Your Turn: Feedback On Church, Curran & Calls

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The Christian Fellowship Center has reached an agreement with the village of Canton which will allow the religious group to use property it purchased at 25 Court Street as a church:

Good for the church. I could never figure out why it was ok for it to be a club/bar but not ok to be a church.

Chris Hodkinson 

So, zoning is pointless now.

Rob Davis

This church knew all about the zoning before they purchased the building....I feel that they forced themselves onto the Canton community.

Dan Soulia 

Democrats on the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators want member Rita Curran, a Republican, to resign over a social media post they say was anti-Muslim:

Leave her alone. Smartest thing I’ve heard from a county legislator in a long time.

Adam Bullock

She has every right to say what she wants, but she is NOT free of the repercussions of those actions.

Lauren McAdam

Insensitive and not politically correct? Yes. But should she resign? NO.

Steve Saviski 

A public official is under more scrutiny because they are supposed to fairly represent people of all religion in their district without bias...She must go.

Nick Knowlton

Let the voters decide.

Michael Wearne

A robocall from Africa woke up a lot of you in the middle of the night last week. The calls appeared to come from Mauritania and they were part of a scam:

I had 4 calls between 1:45 am and 4:38 am. My husband had 5 calls in the same time frame.

Mary Lynn Lancto 

It had me up all night. I was not happy at all.

Brit Laforce

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