Lawmakers Debate Curran's Future On Legislature

Lawmakers Debate Curran's Future On Legislature

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A resolution will be introduced at the legislature's Monday night meeting calling for Republican Rita Curran's resignation. Public comments will also be heard. There are Curran supporters as well as those who think she should resign over the Facebook post. 

We spoke to students organizing a protest against Curran earlier in the day.

“I think it's hate speech and I don't stand for that,” said Madeline Thibault, St. Lawrence County Young Democrats president and St. Lawrence University student.

Thibault helped organize the protest on Facebook. More than 300 people signed a petition calling on Curran to resign. 

It all started with a post Curran shared on her Facebook page but has since taken down. 

Now, Democrats are pointing out Twitter posts by Curran, which speak of letting illegal people into the country so we can "live in a third world garbage dump."

St. Lawrence University senior Sahar Delawar said she's no stranger to the language used in the Facebook post.

“Growing up, being Afghan-American, I've heard this kind of rhetoric time and time again,” she said.

The resignation measure is unlikely to pass the Republican-dominated legislature. They say it's simply a politically-motivated smear campaign. 

It's unclear even how many Democratic votes it will get. Those protesting Curran say they are fulfilling a civic duty.

“The values that I grew up with, and the values that are for me truly American, is to respect difference and learn from one another,” said Delawar.

Curran has said she has nothing to apologize for. 

When 7 News contacted her Monday morning, she said she was busy seeing patients in her job as a nurse and could not comment. 

Legislature Chair Joseph Lightfoot said he would let the meeting speak for itself.

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