Town Seeks Funds To Replace Old Fence At Historic Cemetery

Town Seeks Funds To Replace Old Fence At Historic Cemetery

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Three sides of the fence around the Lakeside Cemetery in Sackets Harbor are in bad shape. Trees and vines have grown up around it and it's tipping over or has fallen over in places.

The town of Hounsfield ended up with ownership of the cemetery, including the fence which had already fallen into disrepair, after a cemetery association dissolved a number of years ago.

Now, the town has decided to remove the fence and has already started to take down damaged parts.

But once the fence is down, putting a new one back up will cost $125,000. And if the town were to pay for it, it would need to raise taxes.

"It would be a 36 cent increase in one year for that year to come up with that kind of money. Most of the taxpayers I've talked to want nothing to do with paying for the fence," said Todd Farrington, highway superintendent.

So, a grassroots group is working on raising the money through fundraisers such as dinners, raffles and bake sales.  

There are some people who don't want to see the fence taken down. They're concerned about losing its historical significance. But town officials say it would actually cost more to repair the fence, plus they say it's past the point of saving.

"This is a historic fence, no doubt, but there's not much here to refurbish, I mean there's so much rust and decay," said Timothy Scee Hounsfield town supervisor.

Now the town will wait and see if enough money is raised to put up a new fence.

"It all comes down to the money unfortunately," said Farrington.

To donate to the new fence, you can call the town office at 315-782-6380. 

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