Aqua Dams Deployed Against Flooding

Aqua Dams Deployed Against Flooding

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Not seen in during the 2017 flooding in the north country - aqua dams - deployed against flooding.

"If it does the job, it's going to protect these buildings from getting battered by the waves. I know they took a punishment in 2017," said Terry Jones, Clayton Department Of Public Works superintendent.

The aqua dams, provided by the state, are rolled out and then pumped full of water to act as a physical barrier against rising water.

"We're going to have more aqua dams, I was told this morning, deployed in Jefferson County than the entire rest of the state, which is a good thing," said Jefferson County Legislature chair Scott Gray. 

In Alexandria Bay, the village dock was just barely above water. Farther downstream, Chippewa Bay has many flooded areas as St. Lawrence County's emergency services chief found as he conducted a repeat inspection.

"I'm not surprised to see the water up. I didn't quite expect it at this level, but this is similar to where it was a couple of weeks ago," said Keith Zimmerman, interim director.

The question on many people's minds is how long this year's flooding will last.  Will it be a few days, a few weeks, or, like 2017, several months?

Clayton restaurant owner Ken Cupp echoes the feelings of many.

"We hope that Mother Nature is on our side this time, that it doesn't extend as long as it did in 2017," said Cupp, co-owner of Di Prinzio's Kitchen.

Whether this year's high water is long-lasting or short term, it appears that this time the north country is better prepared to hold it back. 

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