Your Turn: Feedback On Gagnon, Cuomo & Restrooms

Your Turn: Feedback On Gagnon, Cuomo & Restrooms

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Jury selection for Michael Gagnon's murder trial was scheduled to get underway in St. Lawrence County Court last week, but instead he admitted to killing Phillip Goolden and pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter. The plea deal calls for a 12-year prison sentence:

Crazy! My neighbor is doing 18 years...for drug court violation and some other charge drug related. Just crazy that she can do more time than someone who shot another man.

Erin Geary

Nice to know they can actually sentence people to jail time up here! Too bad you have to actually kill someone to be locked up though.

Erik Boucher

Governor Cuomo was in Jefferson County last week touring the Westcott Beach area and he promised the state will help deal with flooding along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River:

I'm surprised he knew we existed up here. If we were Puerto Rico or New York City, he'd send triple the resources.

Jeff Cronk Jr

They will complain about everything he does because of illogical reasons.  There are plenty of reasonable reasons to complain about SOME of the things he does, but this is normal and expected.

Samantha Smith

A trip to a restroom in Thompson Park is no easy task if you're in a wheelchair. Some folks don't visit the park for that reason:

There are portable bathrooms that are wheelchair accessible! Get some soon so everyone can enjoy the park!

Peter Deshane

The bathrooms certainly need an upgrade!

Darlene Bush

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