The Front Line Of Defense Against Flooding

The Front Line Of Defense Against Flooding

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This is the operation: fill the sandbag, tie it up on to a palette, then repeat for hours and days.

"A lot of it is challenging and you're doing a lot of sandbagging. It's very physically strenuous," said 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Felix, Joint Task Force Lake Ontario.

They're part of state task force tapped to defend the north country from rising flood waters.  They have allies like Maverick Henderson

"Everybody's working hand in hand. Everybody seems pretty excited to help the community out. You know, everyone's dedicating their time and dedicating their strength," said Henderson, an inmate at Cape Vincent Correctional Facility.   

He and other inmates have volunteered their time to help.

"I volunteer from the heart because it's helping communities, helping families stay safe," said Henderson.

The idea is many hands make light work.

This team is getting plenty of work done. Each day they're filling thousands of sandbags, ready to ship to towns and villages throughout the area.

"Whether it be affiliations or where you're coming from, if you're here to help and you're working with us, we're willing to work with you," said Felix.

Their work is loaded onto trucks, taking four or five trips a day, to ensure communities have the buffer they need against high water levels.  

As for Henderson, he has been doing this work for two weeks now. The days are long, but the reward, he says, is worth it.

"When you go lay down, you actually feel good like you did a good deed," said Henderson.

This team plans on staying here continuing this work for as long as it's needed. 

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