Residents Question Why Budget Is High For Dissolving Village

Residents Question Why Budget Is High For Dissolving Village

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There was a heated discussion in Morristown's village hall Tuesday night as residents questioned why the dissolving village's budget is so high.

"What I'm seeing here is not what you did for us but what you can get away with."

That was one opinion expressed at a village board meeting. 

With the village dissolving at the end of the year, residents are wondering why Morristown leaders want more in taxes.

"We were led to believe they would make the proper decisions and it would occur," Morristown resident Julian Spence said. "It didn't occur."  

In the village's new budget, leaders want to raise over $313,000 in taxes, about $600 more than last year.

The problem resident have is last year's budget was a full 12 months while this year's will only be seven.  

"It's upsetting because we felt that in fairness they should give us, instead of our taxes being $12 a $1,000, they should be around $6 or $7 a $1,000," Morristown resident James Kelly said. 

"It's very unnerving to come here and to listen to various reasons why that we're facing still a very high tax bill," Spence said.

Mayor Cheryl Shatraw says the village board looked over each item in the new budget.

"We felt we were doing what was in the best interest for the village before we dissolved," she said. 

The mayor says there were open budget workshops and there was a budget hearing. Some of the residents say they didn't hear about them. 

"They can say that they put out notices, perhaps they did, but nobody knew about it," Sally Palao said. "If you don't go to this post office or you don't go to this library, I don't know how you would have known about it."

Some residents say they hope to see some kind of change before the budget goes into effect in June.

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