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  Arts All-Star: Zana Northrop

Music is not only a way for Zana Northrup to express herself, but also "it feels really great to come home and practice after a really stressful day."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Tesa Holman

Tesa Holman's family, especially her mother, is into art, so "I just kind of picked it up in time."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Simon Roome

Simon Roome sings and plays French horn. He likes them equally because "they both give me different things the other doesn't."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Quincy Marsell

"I enjoy creating a piece that has meaning to me, something I can show the emotions or ideas inside my head and create a powerful image," Quincy Marsell said.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Peter Harvill

"I try to read people's personalities through music, I try to evoke my own personality through music," Peter Harvill said, "and people like that -- it's art."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Perri Redden

Perri Redden from Belleville Henderson is the 7 News Arts All-Star for February 28, 2019.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Mary Rose Goff

For Mary Rose Goff, singing has always been "a family thing."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Maria Young

Maria Young enjoys expressing herself with art.

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  7 News Arts All-Star: Makayla Lea

Makayla Lea hopes to pursue a degree in art education, "because I love kids and I love art."

  Arts All-Star: Madeline Timerman

"Music teaches us what it means to be human," Madeline Timerman said.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Logan Beerman

"I wouldn't trade it for anything," Logan Beerman says of her experience as a singer.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Keegan Poste

"If I didn't have music," Keegan Poste says, "I don't know what I'd do in my spare time."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Kari Hance

Kari Hance was encouraged by her brother to take piano "and it just escalated from there."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Joey LaShomb

Drummer Joey LaShomb says he like to use music to make people happy.

  Arts All-Star: Jeremy Dening

Jeremy Dening is the 7News Arts All-Star for May 9, 2019

  7 News Arts All-Star: Jaye Harrod

Jaye Harrod was inspired to start drawing by the graphic novels he read in elementary school.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Jasmine Combs

For Jasmine Combs, music is "really something to take all the stress of the day off from school."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Jack Witkop

For Jack Witkop, playing trumpet feels like a legacy from his late grandfather, who was also a trumpet player.

  Arts All-Star: Isabella Addison

Isabella Addison is the 7 News Arts All-Star for May 16, 2019.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Ingrid Knudsen

Ingrid Knudsen has been dancing since she was 4 years old and competitively since she was 7.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Hannah Gates

  7 News Arts All-Star: Ethen White

Ethen White is a visual artist from Edwards-Knox Central. He's a 7News Arts All-Star

  7 News Arts All-Star: Emily Scholler

Emily Scholler from Copenhagen Central is the Arts All-Star for December 13, 2018

  7 News Arts All-Star: Caroline Bergan

"I hope that I can somehow change people's lives in what I want to do," Caroline Bergan said.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Carlton Huff

Carlton Huff from Carthage Central is the 7News Arts All-Star for January 10, 2019

  7 News Arts All-Star: Annie Yang

  7 News Arts All-Star: Anna Metzler

Anna Metzler of Lowville is the 7News Arts All-Star for December 6, 2018

  7News Arts All-Star: Abby Rockwood

Abby Rockwood is a singer from Lowville. She was the 7News Arts All-Star for January 17, 2019.

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