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  Run for the River 5K/10K

  TV Dinner: Cornell chicken recipe

  Celebrating Mountainfest on Fort Drum

  A few days to dry out ahead

At least four days of dryer weather and highs in the 70s forecasted ahead.

  Marvel is re-releasing 'Endgame' with new footage

Marvel will release another version of 'Avengers Endgame' to certain theaters next weekend.

  Weather Wise Guy - tsunami clouds

How do Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds form?

  Country time wants to legalize all lemonade stands

Country Time is encouraging kids to lobby for lemonade stand law changes, offering reimbursement for fines


  Craven County reports kittens being abandoned on Neuse River Bridge & Highway 70

The Craven County Sheriffs Office has received multiple reports of kittens being found on the Neuse River Bridge and on Highway 70 in James City in the past mon

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  Raptors parade shooting aftermath

Raptors celebration is interrupted after shooting nearby in downtown Toronto.

  Injuries from cosmetics send more than 4,000 children to emergency room each year

Every year, injuries from cosmetics send 4,300 children to the ER.

  Restaurant gets rare blue lobster in shipment

After a restaurant owner got a rare blue lobster in a food shipment, he decided to donate it to an aquarium instead of cooking it.

  Stray turned K-9 officer gets new ‘leash on life’

Karma, a dog that was abandoned and left for dead, is now officially a K-9 with the Denver Sheriff Department.

  Denver Zoo's same sex flamingo couple

The Denver Zoo has a same-sex pair of flamingos in the flock.

  Cloud of dust from Sahara Desert floods over Atlantic

The dry, dusty air mass forms over the Sahara Desert during late spring, summer and early fall and is known as the Saharan Air Layer.

  Facebook debuts blood donation tool in US

Facebook is now asking users to register to donate blood, but will they trust it?

  Helicopter crashes in Midtown Manhattan

A helicopter made a hard landing on the roof of a 54-story office building in Midtown Manhattan Monday.

  Rockport, Ind. PD gets new officer: former drummer of Five Finger Death Punch

Rockport, Ind. PD gets new officer: former drummer of Five Finger Death Punch

  Cuomo to IJC: Take Action on Flooding

  May was 2nd wettest month on record

The U.S just wrapped up the wettest 12-month period in recorded history with the second wettest month it's ever seen.

  Recharge Rally takes on the Dragon

Car enthusiasts take on the Dragon along the North Carolina-Tennessee border.

  Jefferson County Dairyland Festival

  ‘Most annoying’ award appears to mock autistic student

The Bailly Preparatory Academy teacher gave the boy the trophy May 23 during a fifth-grade awards luncheon attended by students, parents and the school principa

  Dog and baby deer become best friends

The family spotted the fawn walking across the yard and went outside to take pictures. Their dog Captain decided to play with the baby deer.

  Pence meets with Oklahoma flood victims

Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence met with flood victims in the Tulsa, Okla., area.