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  Senate GOP at odds over new stimulus bill

  Governor of Oklahoma tests positive for coronavirus

The first-term Republican governor has backed one of the country’s most aggressive reopening plans.

  Politics and Thanksgiving table talk

Pass the turkey, hold the arguments. How do you survive talking politics at the dinner table?

  Trump meets with queen, to dine at Buckingham Palace in UK trip

President Trump arrived in the United Kingdom for a three-day state visit where politics, pomp and protests are expected.

  Trump arrives in UK for state visit

  Trump: I had nothing to do with covering up the U.S.S. McCain

President Donald Trump said he wouldn't have covered up the U.S.S. John McCain on his visit to Japan, even though he "was not a big fan" of the late senator.

  Trump, Abe differ on North Korea missile test

North Korea missile tests did not violate UN resolutions, President Donald Trump said.

  Senate passes $19B disaster aid bill, stalls in House

  Trump-Pelosi war of words continues

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